Follow-Up Care

It is important for you to have access to medical care after an abortion procedure. Atlanta Women’s Center provides a 24-hour hotline for you if you are experiencing problems or have concerns after your procedure. We can also provide a follow-up exam for you 4 weeks after the procedure. At this appointment you can bring up any questions or concerns that you have had since your procedure, or discuss birth control. For an additional fee, testing for sexually transmitted infections can also be performed at the follow-up appointment. If you are using insurance, you may be required to pay a copay at this visit.

If you have had a surgical abortion with us and it is not possible for you to return to Atlanta Women’s Center for a follow-up exam, you may choose to have your follow-up exam with your own physician at your own expense. If you have had a medical abortion with Atlanta Women’s Center, it is important that you follow up at Atlanta Women’s Center to ensure that the procedure was completed and determine if you need additional care to complete the abortion.